Surfers In New Jersey Rescue Deer in The Water

Drew Inman and his girlfriend were sitting on a New Jersey beach Tuesday when they saw an unusual sight: a deer sprint on to the beach and into the water.

“Before we could process what was going on, the deer had (swum) nearly 25 yards out from the shore,” Inman, 26, of Hamilton, told the Asbury Park Press.

The deer then began to struggle and take on several waves. Inman said he attempted to rescue the animal but the water “was extremely cold,” and when he approached the deer, it took another wave.

A crowd of surfers in wetsuits then took a crack at saving the distressed deer, which was probably a football field’s length from the beach by then.

“The surfers went around the rocks and forced the deer to the shore,” Inman said.

It took the surfers about 30 minutes to rescue the deer. Inman said the deer “caught a wave” that brought it closer to shore. Then, a surfer cradled and carried the deer back to shore.

The deer, however, tried to run back to the water but eventually was chased off the beach, Inman said.