Temperature swings continue into Friday, with half and half weekend

Expect limited amounts of sunshine for the day. Temperatures will start in the 50s by sunrise Friday, with even some 40s in Ocean County. Still, it’s a mild morning, albeit with fog again.

A northeast-to-southeast wind will stunt temperatures for the most part, though. Afternoon highs will be in the mid-60s for a wide swath of the region. The only exceptions will be west of Vineland to Fortescue in Cumberland County, where it will be in the 70s. Long Beach Island looks to be stuck in the 50s.

In terms of rain, a morning shower or afternoon storm will not be ruled out. However, it will be far from a washout, and I believe most outdoor plans will be good.

Friday night will see that cold front lift back north as a warm front, as we keep playing see-saw with what really is a semi-stationary front. The clouds will clear out somewhat, and it will be a pleasant night to be out and about or have the windows opened. By Saturday morning, it will be in the upper 50s.

The weekend will offer a mixed bag. I’m more optimistic on a dry day Saturday, as a slot of dry air should fit over the area. So, expect some sunshine with a calm wind. Temperatures should wind up near seasonable, meaning it’ll be jeans, T-shirt or dress weather.

A low-pressure system will ride along this semi-stationary front as the front drags south over New Jersey rain. Rain looks to begin between 9 p.m. and midnight. You’ll need the rain gear Saturday night (which I’d imagine will be busy given it’s Cinco De Mayo on Sunday). The rain will pick up in intensity overnight, as the winds stiffen out of the east.

Looking at Sunday, a near washout is expected. The morning will see a soaking, wind-swept rain. At least part of the afternoon will be drenched. However, the low pressure should pull away for a drying sky before the sun sets. In terms of rainfall, between .5 to 1 inch of rain will be likely.

Roadway flooding should be limited. However, I am concerned the east wind and new moon Saturday will bring minor stage coastal flooding during the high tides. Be prepared for the “typical” coastal flooding actions.