What’s The Record For Rainiest Day Ever In New Jersey?


No one will question the fact that we have seen a lot of rain at the Jersey Shore recently. It’s way too much for most people’s liking, but is it even close to the state record?

It turns out that if you rank the highest 24 hour rain total in each state, the rainiest day in New Jersey history places us at #16 on the list, and it all happened on a record breaking rainy day in Tuckerton.

The storm that dropped that rain on the Jersey Shore was the remnants of a Gulf Coast hurricane and it slammed Tuckerton Seaport will a deluge or rain for the ages, and for the history books.

For the record, the all time world record for rain in a 24 hour period occurred at Foc-Foc Reunion Island in the South Indian Ocean. In one 24 hour period there in 1966, 71.8 inches of rain fell. Yes, that’s nearly six feet of rain and about 3 inches an hour for a full day.

So, while we make an Olympic sport out of complaining about Jersey Shore weather, especially the rain, at least we now know it could, and has been much worse.